NEW X275 WORLD RECORD!!! - 4.445 @160mph

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

NEW X275 WORLD RECORD!!! – 4.445 @160mph

According to many, X275 is the most exciting class in all of drag racing, and having been exposed to more than our fair share of the class, we’re obliged to say that we agree!

With that in mind, today we present to you a new fastest driver in the wild west of X275 and he just happens to go by the name of Jared Johnson.

Jared took his Kansas City based Ford Mustang featuring a single turbo setup out to the track and came home with a 4.445 @160mph pass in the eighth mile, effectively becoming the fastest to ever do it!

This Challenger might not have the overall record, but it does hold a Mopar record!

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