Nitrous Camaro takes hard right and hits the wall, Driver is OK

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It really sucks to watch somebody go down in a damaging wreck but as a spectator or driver, we all know that accidents do happen and they are very real part of every single racing scenario that you could possibly imagine going down on a track.

This time, we catch up with a Chevrolet Camaro that is making power thanks to the help of a hit of nitrous and upon launching it, the car has a little bit of a hangup that proves to be pretty heavily catastrophic as the machine turns on a dime and blasts its way into the wall with force.

Luckily, Jim Brinkerhoff, the driver, was able to walk away from the situation. All of the accidents that happen these days with the drivers being able to remain uninjured really speaks volumes for how far safety equipment has come to protect these men and women who hop behind the wheel.

Check out the flick below that shows the insanity unfolding as the Camaro goes down hard. We are told that the team is looking for a carbon fiber front end, so hopefully, that means that there wasn’t too much mechanical damage. We have our fingers crossed for Jim and the crew that they’re able to get out on the track as soon as possible.