Nitrous Hayabusa explodes into a ball of flame at full speed

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When it comes to those who are ready and willing to hop on a motorcycle and go down the drag strip, we applaud their courage because frankly, we think that some of these guys and girls are completely nuts.

If cruising at speeds approaching and exceeding 200 mph isn’t enough for you, well, this particular race just had a whole new curveball thrown into the mix.

When headed down the track on a 7.8-second dial, this routine Top Sportsman pass would get hot in a hurry as a nitrous explosion would send this motorcycle and rider up into a ball of fire.

Willie Nichol would head down the track on his Suzuki Hayabusa only to be engulfed in flames when he would ride it out to the finish line where spectators reportedly saw him wheeling the bike with no hands while maintaining his balance before slowing down enough to bail out away from the intense heat.

Willie did sustain some burns and a dislocated shoulder from the incident, but it is reported that the Injuries appear to be non-life-threatening and Willie will make a full recovery.

Check out the video below that shows off the dramatic events that led up to a trip to the hospital. Here’s to wishing Willy a quick and speedy recovery.