NITROUS -vs- PISTONS - Keith Haney on Radials

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Just like any other form of power adder, when you throw some nitrous at your car, when set up properly, it can be a wonderful thing that creates plenty of reliable power to push you past the competition. However, also like other power adders, when you really start to push the limits while playing with nitrous, you’d better make sure that you have all of your systems in place so that your ride reaps the benefits of all of that power in the safest way possible. As we see here, even the professionals have an off day sometimes and in this one, we get to see the byproduct of just that kind of showcase.

This time, we ride along with a Keith Haney as he slaps on a set of drag radials and makes a pass down the track that doesn’t exactly end in the way that he’d probably originally anticipated as the combination has something within that doesn’t quite agree and, well, a little bit of piston melting is going down as a result. The product of all of the above is entertaining to watch as it really omits quite the visual.

As a racer, this is probably about the last thing you want to happen as you’re making your way down the track, but hey, at least the giant fiery backfire appears to be where the damage stops. At least the car didn’t catch on fire completely or anything like that, but this could have gone much worse than it actually did.

Check out the video below that shows off the experience, up close and personal, but try not to get too close because this one is hot! That had to cause quite the scare for the driver behind the wheel of this racing machine but at the end of the day, shouldn’t be anything that the wonderful crew backing this ride can’t get fixed up in a jiff.