No ear plugs and not ready for his first NHRA Top Fuel experience, great reaction

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you have never been to an NHRA event, you might not be aware that the Top Fuel cars can get rather loud. It’s almost like nothing that you have ever heard before, to be honest.

Some folks might look at it and write it off as being as loud as a regular race car heading down the track, but this kind of loud is the kind of loud that will shake your insides loose if you aren’t careful.

This time, we check out an NHRA fan as he witnesses his first Top Fuel experience and isn’t expecting the noise that’s about to come. These kinds of situations make for the best reaction videos.

The result is nothing short of hilarious as this fan has such an excited and scared look on his face at the same time. Now this guy has a story to tell and an embarrassing video that’s making its rounds around the web.