Nova Joe Wins $50,000 in Radial vs The World Finals at Lights Out 8!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Joe Albrecht showed up at Duck X Productions’ 2016 autumn extravaganza No Mercy 7 and immediately put himself on the radial racing radar with a strong runner up showing in his gorgeous blown GTO. The former 10.5 standout wasted no time in establishing himself as a contender when he lined up with Dewayne Mills and went toe to toe with the twin turbo Golden Gorilla, coming up just inches short in the quickest side-by-side radial race of all time.

He came back to SGMP for this weekend’s Lights Out 8 looking to avenge that final round loss, and ripped off a string of consistent 3.80 passes that even the most seasoned radial racing veteran would be impressed with. He put himself into the finals, where he lined up with yet another veteran of the class, Mark “Woody” Woodruff, who’d had also relied on a string of consistent runs in the 3.80 zone to earn his spot alongside Albrecht in the final frame.

Despite the potential for another instant classic, this final round failed to deliver the insane side-by-side record-breaking thriller from No Mercy, as Woodruff’s beautiful black C6 Corvette fell noticeably off of it’s pace – most likely due to the crew having limited time to repair the engine, which was wounded in the semifinal round – putting up a still-respectable 4.00 alongside Albrecht’s 3.83 elapsed time.

The win certainly erased any “beginners luck” doubts that naysayers may have held toward Albrecht’s strong first showing and should establish him as a favorite when everybody returns to South Georgia Motorsports Park for the fall showdown, No Mercy 8.