Number #3300: The Last Demon to be Auctioned for Charity

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We knew from the beginning that Dodge’s Challenger SRT Demon was going to be a limited-production beast, making a single production run that would provide the world with only 3,300 examples of the quickest-accelerating production car to ever be built. We also knew that wouldn’t be enough, but Dodge didn’t ask us for our opinion, so we are stuck with only the 3,299 of the 3,300 to have been built.

What about the last one? It too will be available, but not for the admittedly low $86,000 the rest of the Demons sold for. Instead, the bidding for the last Demon will probably start higher than that, as the car will be sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction to benefit the United Way. Knowing it is likely the last Challenger SRT Demon that will ever be produced, I’m going to put the over/under on the final bid to be $1.2 million.

The car rolled off the line wearing a gorgeous coat of black paint, but will not be black when it gets to Barrett-Jackson. Instead, the car will be hand painted to match the very last Dodge Viper, which will also be sold for charity at the same time. Both cars will be red and, although there has been no mention of it specifically, I assume they will have some special one-off touches to identify them as the last of their respective breeds.

The Demon will have a special instrument panel badge featuring the 3,300 vin number, a touch that will certainly give the new owner bragging rights to show that he does in fact that the very last one built. The auction is set for late June at Barrett-Jackson’s Uncasville, CT auction. All benefits from both cars will go to the United Way Charities and if the hype around this is as big as I expect it to be, look for the United Way to be raking in 7 figures come the end of next month!