Off-roading a Jacked up Eagle Talon Ends Exactly How You'd Think

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

One of the fun things about building your project car is that you can insert certain elements that other people might have never thought about. You can take something that is somewhat common and turn it into something completely different, taking a concept from another vehicle and applying it to your project car. When these things are finished, sometimes, they can really be vehicles that are eye-catching and worthy of admiration. Heck, a project like this might even inspire someone else to try out the same concept because from where we’re sitting, it looks like these guys are most certainly having a lot of fun here.

In the latest drop from the VINWiki YouTube channel, we get to take a look at someone’s creation as they took the likes of an Eagle Talon, a somewhat common early 90s sports car, and took its original purpose of being a swift AWD machine to cruise around on the streets with and completely transformed the car into the off-roading machine of your dreams. There is just something that’s so appealing about a jacked up turbocharged sports car they can hit the mud that we think will have you ready to get behind the wheel and go on a spin. I mean, what could be better than throwing down with something like this?

You can follow along with the story below that will tell you about this jacked up one-of-a-kind project car that ended up being so much fun that the guys ended up flipping it over. Trace through the car’s lifecycle with them to catch evey ounce of the action as they relive the experience. Even though the car’s life ended with a dramatic finish that would have it being destroyed beyond use, these guys probably have to admit that they had a great time behind the wheel while it lasted.