Officer Chases Down His Own Squad Car... Hilarious!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

With all of the negativity going on in the world, why not interject a little comic relief when we have the opportunity. This clip is exactly that, and while it’s obviously older footage, there’s nothing like a runaway squad car to bring a little light to your day.

This officer, who’s stopped a motorist – it sounds like the officer said the driver cut a corner – for a typical citation stop, but things quickly take a turn for the worse, for the officer.

The motorist doesn’t do anything to escalate the situation as we’ve seen in so many videos. In fact, before the officer can even finish his first sentence explaining why he’s stopped the driver, he realizes that his cruiser is leaving the premises, without him on board for the ride. It would seem the car has jumped out of gear, though that may be code for “I forgot to put it in park and don’t want to admit it” in the officer’s world.

It seems the officer needs to work on his sprinting, as the car isn’t exactly rolling away at speed, but despite swearing loudly and grunting, the officer really doesn’t move all that fast in pursuit of his fleeing ride. Instead, he just follows along as the car backs out into the roadway, crossing four lanes of traffic and, luckily enough, right through a cut-through in the median.

However, the cruiser’s luck runs out as it backs all the way across the roadway and up onto the sidewalk and into what is most likely either a utility pole or fence of some kind. Whatever is back there, the car comes to a halt in a flurry of cursing from the officer, who finally catches up to his wheels once it finally finds something solid to stop it. He pulls back across the road to the scene o the citation and does his best to play off the debacle. I can tell you if I was that motorist, I would have almost definitely left with a pile of citations after I found myself unable to stop laughing at this officer’s “misfortune”.