Old School Ford Truck With a Nitrous Injected Big Block Reaches For The Stars!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to drag racing, to those who don’t really know what they’re looking at, it might just seem like a bunch of guys going in a straight line and easily doing so, however, we don’t have to tell you, the experienced drag racing fanatic, that it’s a lot more than that!

We all know that racing isn’t just about the competition or about chasing down that best pass but also about those adrenaline-filled moments where things don’t go exactly as expected. One category that you could stick in that bigger category would be when cars find a way to transfer all of their power to the rear tires, taking the weight along with it, and sending the nose of the car up into the air in an epic wheelie.

In order to bring us the action this time, we turn to our friends from the JMalcom2004 YouTube channel. This time, their cameras captured a moment that you’ve got to see as the old school Ford Pickup, reworked for drag racing of course, sends the front end in the sky in quite the epic and unwelcome display for the driver. However, for those in attendance, it really put on a show.

In the video down below, we’re able to follow along with an intense moment from the strip as we get to appreciate a spectacular angle of it all as picked up by JMalcom who was on the ball to get the shot. Unfortunately, though, for the stellar example of a pickup truck, all didn’t end well as there just so happened to be some money riding on the race, most of which was said to be on the side of the truck. I guess that, in racing, you can’t win them all! It looks like the team has a little bit of tweaking left to do in order to get the truck working just right!