Only In Russia... Car Hit's Cows Doing The DIRTY On The Road

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Only In Russia… Car Hit’s Cows Doing The DIRTY On The Road

We’ve seen some odd videos, but this Russian dash cam clip may be up there with the best of them. When a cow mounts a bull, instinct takes over and the pair ends up taking their baby making into the middle of a busy road!

It’s at this point that a passing car crashes into them! The cow appears to be a bit dazed and confused, but still manages to get up and walk away. The car on the other hand doesn’t look to have such a lucky fate.

Check out the video below as all of the events were caught on the dash cam. We couldn’t even begin to imagine how this guy’s call with his insurance company is going to go. Good thing he has the footage to back his story up because nobody’s believing that!

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