Palm Beach County Off duty sheriff pulls out gun on unsuspecting motorcycle rider

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It might catch you by surprise, but when this motorcycle rider was caught off guard by a plainclothes police officer attempting to apprehend him for speeding and immediately pulling a gun, the rider was a little bit terrified.

We can’t really say that we blame the guy for jetting from the scene when a Palm Beach County officer hopped out of his cruiser and immediately drew his weapon on who he thought to be a suspect.

Moments after passing a police cruiser with no issue in coming to a stop at a red light, this rider would be shocked on the spot as the off-duty sheriff would pull in front of the rider at the light and immediately hop out of his truck to confront him.

Without a second thought, the rider would take off and evade the chase. A local news outlet says that the officer claims that the rider, who said he might have been going maybe 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit, was actually going much faster.

In any scenario, we think that just about anybody in their right mind would say that a speeding offense is most certainly nowhere near a good reason to pull a weapon out on someone.

Maybe we aren’t getting the whole story here, but this really seems to be peculiar. Check out the video below and give us your analysis on what you think happened here given the little bit of information that we have obtained in conjunction with what you can see you in the video.