Parker Brothers Concepts 2017 Neutron Bike... WIld Looking!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you’ve ever wondered what the motorcycle of the future may look like, Parker Brothers Concepts has brought to life what may very well be exactly what you’d build in your imagination. This thing is wild beyond compare and, shockingly enough, looks as if it just might be viable as a functional design.

It’s obviously hard to say what lurks beneath the futuristic concept as far as a chassis, or even the powerplant and drivetrain, which I have to assume was part of the PBC plan all along. What we can tell is the bike is ridiculously svelte, devoid of almost any components “sticking out” from the sleek body, save for the obviously-necessary handlebars.

And speaking of the handlebars, I have to say I’m incredibly curious how well those work from a control standpoint, especially where feedback for the rider comes into play. It’s hard to imagine what it would feel like to pull on a pair of bars that are connected to the inside of the front wheel and hardly isolated form them in any way. While there are plenty of bikes with rigid mounted front wheels that offer nothing more than the air in the tire as far as suspension goes, these short, rider-forward bars seem like they have little chance of falling into the “comfortable” category. Of course, I could be completely wrong, so I guess I’ll just need to drop by Parker Brothers Concepts and give it a test ride to see how it feels.

I have to give the crew at PBC a massive pat on the back for how well they incorporated the lights into the body. Always having been a fan of “low key”, the lights are so subtle that if you’re not looking for them, you’d quite literally likely look right over them.

To be honest, I’m skeptical about this bike’s rideability, but I’d certainly have to say it looks like a well thought-out concept that could very well be really close to what we see on the roads in a few more years… if not sooner.