Parkour vs Helicopter vs Jet Ski - Race Through NYC!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Here at Speed Society, we obviously see our share of killer videos. Chances are, if it’s been out more than a day or 2 and it’s remotely related to cars or vehicles in any way, we’ve probably seen it. This rapid-fire exposure to a constant deluge of videos can make us a bit hard to impress, at times. But then, every now and then, a video comes along that just jumps off the screen and really grabs our attention.

This is one of those!

This video could easily be inserted into the final act of almost any Hollywood action thriller and be right at home! The premise is simple: a three-man race through New York City to the cruise ship docked in the harbor. One man is running parkour style through the city, another hops a jet-ski, and the final competitor catches a ride in a helicopter. We follow our three competitors through various parts of the sprint to the ship with some of the most excellent camera work you’ll ever see in a four minute video. On top of the killer cinematography, the score sounds as if it came straight from Hanz Zimmer himself, lending a sense of urgency to the already-intense race. We aren’t going to give away the ending, you’ll have to watch it yourself to see who arrives at the destination first!