Paul LeMat Discusses His Role as John Milner in American Graffiti.

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Earlier this week, we shared a video that featured the racing parts of American Graffiti 2, the less-successful sequel to American Graffiti, which was one of the most successful movies of the era, condensed together into one short vignette. Paul LeMat played John Milner in both films, and even decades later, he remembers much of his preparation for the role. In this candid interview, LeMat discusses the film from the lead actor’s point of view, discussing things that most of us wouldn’t have ever considered that went into his effort to become John Milner.

LeMat discusses working with George Lucas, who before Star Wars, was just another young up-and-comer in the directing world looking for his breakout film. He mentions that, at least back then, Lucas was somewhat shy, though he would freely share what he had in mind, as long as somebody asked. If not, then he kept his vision locked up inside his own mind. Paul also discusses dealing with acting alongside child star McKenzie Philips and the palpable awkwardness that came from working alongside a 12 year old, and how it actually worked to his advantage as an actor.

Also discussed in the interview, which runs 20 minutes long from beginning to end, some of the “unrealistic” aspects of the film that stand out to Paul, though as he mentions, there are often huge plot holes in many movies that, if you sit back and really think about them, just do not make sense at all. If you have the time, this is a very informative interview in which LeMat really opens up and dives into the subject matter. I know there’s one tidbit of info in there that blew our minds. Let’s see if you catch it and if it surprises you as well?