Paul Walkers Daughter Gets $10 Million In Crash Settlement

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

As fans of the Fast and the Furious saga or even as car fans in general, it’s difficult to watch the timeline accompanying Paul Walker’s death unfold into a giant legal struggle.

Even though it ultimately sucks, sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do and that’s exactly what the late Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker is doing.

As TMZ tells us, a settlement that was made in 2014 is now coming to light as it has been discovered as having been filed under “Meadow W.” instead of the girl’s full name.

We’re told that the deal is worth $10.1 million in regards to the idea that Roger Rodas was “partly to blame for the fatal accident.” We’re not told how much of this settlement comes from Rodas’s insurance company and how much is contributed from his estate.

Even now, going on three years after the incident, Meadow doesn’t plan on quitting as we’re told that she is still pursuing a lawsuit against Porsche who she firmly believes were responsible for defects in the car that her father died in.

Dealing with conflicts like this is never something that anybody wants to deal with. Hopefully, all parties involved can come to a resolution to finally put this to rest once and for all.