People Flying Over Massive Speed Bumps Compillation Will Make You Cringe!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

While we certainly aren’t going to preach at our audience about safe and careful driving, we do always try to take our surroundings into account when we go out hooning, while everybody isn’t so considerate. Knowing many people will pay very little attention to the fact that they’re in a busy downtown area or a neighborhood where kids might be playing near the street, many municipalities have installed speed bumps to slow motorists to reasonable speeds, although as you will see in the compilation below, they aren’t always effective.

While we know a few of these bumps weren’t installed, but actually popped up because the asphalt buckled or shifted, resulting in some hilarious clips of cars barreling over them at highway speeds, most of these videos show people who just don’t care to slow down enough to safely navigate the bumps, resulting in their cars scraping on the roadway and their suspensions getting a serious workout.

And of course, at the end, there’s “that group” that takes a beater out to use the local speed bump for a launching ramp for fun, which we have no problem with as long as there’s no other cars around to put at risk!