Picking Up UBER Riders in a Bugatti Veyron! * EDC LAS VEGAS *

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We’ve seen some pretty good UBER rider surprise videos, footage featuring YouTubers picking up unsuspecting riders in random, way-cooler-than-expected rides such as Hellcats or Lamborghinis, but this one just might take the cake as the most outlandish. However, it also likely has the the best reactions from the riders, all of whom are in Vegas for EDC.

Our friends over at Daily Driven Exotics are behind this surprise reaction video and send their driver out to UBER these riders, all of whom are expecting to be picked up in something like a Prius or Corolla, to their destination in one of the most elite, purely badass cars on the planet, Bugatti’s venerable Veyron.

With Houston behind the wheel of his Veyron, the surprise rider after rider with four digit horsepower levels thanks to the quad-turbocharged W16 engine in the rear that pushes the Bugatti to 250 MPH. With these riders expecting something quite literally the exact opposite of what shows up to shuttle them to the days-long EDC festival, you can see their skepticism written all over their faces when Houston calls out to them to hop in.

Of course, a ride in a Bugatti wouldn’t really be all that noteworthy if it there wasn’t a little full-throttle action, so as soon as he hits open road, the driver drops the hammer and gives his passengers a full dose of g-force by pinning them back in their seats. One after another, the riders all get downright giddy when the car’s monstrous engine roars to life and sends the speedometer swinging northward at a high rate of speed.

Houston is also a great UBER driver, cracking corny jokes and keeping his passengers laughing as the car does it’s part to entertain them as well. Tell us about your coolest UBER experience! Have you ever had a cool driver or been picked up in something way cooler than you expected? Tell us about it in the comments, we’d love to hear about it.