Picking up UBER Riders in a Lamborghini Huracan Prank!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to getting around town, it really seems like taxi drivers have been having a tough time with the competition that has come about thanks to Uber. Odds are that you’re probably familiar with the service that enlists civilian drivers and their rides to act as personal drivers. Normally, it’ll be left up to people who own newer economy cars to get the job done, but this time, I think that we can say that we’re checking out an Uber that has a little bit of a twist thrown into the mix. It’s certainly no four-door mom-mobile being used in this demonstration!

Instead, what we’re watching is none other than a Lamborghini Huracan that’s being used to head around town and pick up people who are instead expecting the polar opposite in a Toyota Prius to pick up riders and drop them off around town at their destination. When they see the stunning black Lamborghini, you could say that these unsuspecting supercar Uber candidates are a little bit shocked and the looks on their faces really say it all! When they get in the car, the whole experience gets even better as they really get a new perspective on what Uber is all about as they share a good time with their driver.

Check out the video down below as the Lamborghini really brings Uber to life, making the most out of these short rides and giving the people who signed up for them the chance to go home with a story. How would you react if you thought that an economy car was showing up, only to have something like this roll in to replace your expectations? We would have to think, that for most, it would be quite the pleasant surprise, to say the least.