Dissecting What Makes Pikes Peak the Most Dangerous Track in the America

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/16/2021

Throughout the world, there are all sorts of race tracks that are popular for different reasons. This might be because of the historic racing heritage that took place there. For example, we can look to a track like Silverstone in the UK if we want to talk about the epic battles over the years. On the other hand, maybe a racing surface is storied for its diversity of challenges that put drivers to the test. The Nürburgring seems to fit the bill perfectly, in that case. It fits it so perfectly that the track has become the benchmark of performance.

On the other hand, when approaching the most dangerous tracks in the world, one seems to stand above the rest. At 12 miles long, Pikes Peak provides a challenge like few others. Sure, there are plenty of tracks that have proven to be a challenge. However, there aren’t too many that have threatened thrusting racers off of a mountain to this extent.

So what is it that makes this climb through the Rocky Mountains more challenging than the rest? Over the years, we have seen plenty of cars barrel over the side. Some drivers and riders alike are luckier than others. The course does bear more than its fair share of fatalities, though.

This time, a Business Insider video dives into the concept. From unparalleled blind turns to crazy conditions that could change at the drop of a hat, the track really does come with the disclaimer of danger. There are even certain sections that threaten a 2000-foot drop for those who misjudge them. However, racers keep coming back on and surging toward the top.

With the video below, we get the unique opportunity to be able to better comprehend what makes this track so dangerous. Furthermore, it might just shed some insight on what continues to make it so appealing as well.