Playlist of Deleted Fast and Furious Scenes is a New Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Over the years, the Fast and Furious franchise has ballooned into something that not many had ever expected. After all, the original movie seemed to get some pretty harsh reviews from critics initially. However, all of these years later, we find a movie franchise that has made a lot of people incredibly rich.

With that in mind, there’s something about the original film that hits us with all of the nostalgia. When we flash back to 2001, we take a look at a much simpler time. Even in the movies, things weren’t as complicated as they are these days. Instead of the complex action spy stories told today, The Fast and the Furious was a simple movie about street racing. Many of us had become so obsessed with the film to the point where we remember every last line. It has become a sort of cornerstone of car culture. We would probably be hard-pressed to find a car fanatic who hasn’t seen the flick.

However, there is a side to the Fast and Furious universe that a lot of people probably don’t know about. As with any other movies, The Fast and the Furious definitely has its fair share of deleted scenes. Craig Lieberman even tells us that the entire script had been flipped at one point or another. That’s a story for another time, though, that you can find here.

Some of these deleted scenes actually do a pretty good job of painting a more thorough picture of the first film. However, the creative team behind the movie decided that they weren’t fit for the feature-length film.

The playlist below helps us to dive into nostalgia in an all-new way for those who have yet to see these scenes. Be sure to click through the entire playlist to get the full effect below.

Beware, though, there is a clip or two in the 17-video playlist that doesn’t quite belong. However, it does deliver us a taste of some of our favorite movies from a new perspective.

Keep Watching! It’s a Playlist of 17 Videos.