This Pocket Bike Kid is a BADASS

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

This Pocket Bike Kid is a BADASS

When they say that kids are a function of their parents and that they absorb everything around them, they aren’t lying! We take for example this youngster stunting on a pocket bike!

We assume he’s just imitating mom or dad as this kid really has some skills on his bike. We would love to see what he turns into when he’s old enough to get his hands on a real stunt bike.

As cool and badass as this kid is, we may just have to recommend that his parents strap him up with some safety equipment. This kid has it going on, it would be a shame to see him lose it all because of a little laziness on the preparation front.

We hope that this kid keeps on rockin’ out. It looks to us that he’s really got what it takes to go places! Check out this awesome mini stunt rider in the video below!

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