Previous Owner Goes For Ride In 10 Second Corvette Z06 "He sold me the car stock!"

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

YouTuber DURTYMAX JACK has got one of the sharpest C6 Z06 Vettes we’ve seen. There’s something about the gorgeous Sunset Orange metallic paint, dark tinted windows and black wheels that really stands out, even among the great looking rides we see daily. In this video, the first I’ve personally seen from his channel, we learn some of the back story about where the car came from and how it’s progressed into its current state, as well as who the car came from.

It turns out the car gods brought the car to him completely by chance when he moved into an apartment building also occupied by a car guy who owned the Z06. Jack told him often that he would buy the car someday. The former owner joked back that the car would never be for sale, but as you can see, things changed as they often do.

Jack would end up with the car and the former owner now has a C7, and both seem to be happy with that outcome, for the time being at least. Since he’s owned the car, Jack has made a series of upgrades to the car, including heads and a cam that have it running in the 10 second zone, certainly impressive ET’s for a car that is docile enough to drive daily on the street.

Jack decided to check in with the former owner, Johnny, check out his new ride, and then take him for a ride to see how much quicker the car is with the performance upgrades. They hit the road in the C6 Z06 and put it through the paces, hitting the open road for some pulls that bring a smile to Johnny’s face as Jack rows through the gears, leaving some nice black marks on the road along the way.

It’s awesome to see these two Vette enthusiasts sharing their passion, and look for Johnny to start up his own YouTube channel as well, bringing another gearhead into the social sharing site.