Private Jets Are For the 1%, This Brand is For the %.001 - $16k Per Hour

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For most people who have the luxury of traveling through the sky, the reality of it all is that you’ll probably spend most of your life in coach and that’s okay. Maybe, once in a while, you even want to splurge for those first-class tickets to make things a little bit more relaxing and that might be a nice little step up. However, as it turns out, a very slim slice of the pie will ever be able to say that they fly private on a regular basis. It’s definitely a privilege that is reserved for the super-rich as the 1% is probably what you’d expect to be onboard such an aircraft, maybe even only the top half of the 1%.

However, as America has been known as the land of excess, what happens when you are simply too rich to fly on a regular old private jet? Well, a company that goes by the name of VistaJet has stepped into fill the void for exactly that market. As it turns out, with jets that are incredibly high dollar, $40 million as pictured, they reach out and charge by the hour, $16,000 for each hour flown, in this particular example. Could you imagine shelling out what most people make in a couple of months all for one hour on board a private jet? Oh yeah and, spoiler alert, pretty much any flight that you take will be longer than an hour.

I guess that if you shell out $7.2 billion at a time and make the biggest private jet purchase ever, you expect to get a good return on your investment and, in order to get a return on this investment, the owner of VistaJet says that he simply is selling CEOs, the super-rich, and other people people who place insane value on their time the ability to be able to do more business while traveling in the least restrictive way possible. Like they say, time is money and I guess that it’s up to you to decide if an hour of your time is worth more than the average person’s car.