Quickest STOCK MOTOR 300ZX in the World!!!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Quickest STOCK MOTOR 300ZX in the World!!!

Just how fast can a stock motor Nissan 300zx really go? This Z owner set out to figure out just that as he would take his Nissan out and come back with a 9.6-second second pass, thus setting a new world record.

Check out what our friends at 1320video had to say about the build and its impressive passes:

“You don’t see a ton of REALLY FAST high horsepower 300ZX’s out there, and you especially don’t see STOCK MOTOR 300ZX’s running that fast.

From the valve covers all the way to the oil pans – stock… check out this 700hp HX52 turbo equipped Nissan 300ZX shifted with a TH400 automatic transmission tear up the track at FL2K… the wheelies are epic!”

Check out the unique record holder go at it in the video below!