Rally Car Stopped by Police During Rally

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Rally racers most certainly need to push their cars to the absolute limits in order to be competitive in their sport, laying all the way down into the throttle when they have a chance to meet a straight course and slinging their cars into the corners when they come up against turns, even ones that look to be pretty tight.

This time, however, we come across a rally racer who looks like he might have pushed his car just a little bit too hard and it isn’t for the reason that you might be thinking. He didn’t break anything or get thrown off course or anything like that, but instead, he managed to grab some mighty unwarranted attention.

In this one, it looks like this rally driver lost track of where he was supposed to be a little bit and ended up traveling public roadways, capturing the eye of the law and when a police officer saw the car speeding and blowing a stop sign, he had to pull the driver open to see what was up.

Check out the interaction below that ends up going surprisingly smoothly as the driver and officer converse for just a minute or two before somehow, this guy ends up getting back on the road mighty easily. Now that’s how everyone wants their situation to go should they happen to come in contact with the police during a traffic stop.