Rapper Travis Scott Plays Bumper Cars With His Lamborghini

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

We have seen the phenomena play out over and over again. Just because someone has made it to a point where they can afford all the luxuries that life has to offer doesn’t mean that they are ready for them. This idea especially holds true when it comes to people who come up with a whole bunch of money and head out to purchase an exotic car. Often times, these high-powered exotic cars are the first real taste of power for the newbies to the automotive performance world and many times, they just simply aren’t ready for the power.

As we can see here, the idea of owning a car like this but not being too great at driving it really holds true, even for celebrities. As rapper, Travis Scott, was attempting to pull out of a parallel parking space, it turns out that he couldn’t exactly navigate the Lamborghini Huracán as well as he thought that he could. As he attempts to back the car out of its space, we watch as it rolls right back into the car that was parked behind it, providing us with a pretty cringeworthy crunch.

Now, it doesn’t look like the accident happened at a fast enough speed for any major damage to happen and even if it did, Travis probably has too much money to care either way. One thing is for sure though, if this happened to an enthusiast’s car, this low speed accident would have caused a major scene! I’m just imagining that Lamborghini backing up into my pride and joy before driving away.

Someone up above the street managed to pull out their phone in the nick of time and record the incident as it went down. In Travis’s defense, it does look like this car has quite the blind spot, especially with its rear mounted engine. Check out the video below and be sure to tell us how you would react if you were the owner of the car that was getting backed up into. This one isn’t fun no matter what way you slice it.