RC ADVENTURES - Ford Raptor 4x4 & Modified NQD Jet Boat on the Trail

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

RC ADVENTURES – Ford Raptor 4×4 & Modified NQD Jet Boat on the Trail

Remote Control vehicles have taken hobby-ing to the next level! Not only can they handle the street, but now they can handle the water and rocks, as well!

This time, we check out a Vaterra Ascender 4×4 bodied as a Ford Raptor and an NQD jet boat to rip around and have a little bit of fun at the local creek.

Check out the video below as the pair dominates the elements in miniature fashion! What do you want to see next out of the remote control community?

We’ve covered the rocks and water, now let’s conquer the air with this jet-powered R/C!