RC truck tug-of-war battles are a real thing, and they are awesome

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Once upon a time, a couple of folks with redneck tendencies got together with their trucks and decided that instead of racing them, they would chain them up, back-to-back, and go at it in a vehicular tug-of-war battle.

The result of such an idea is a multitude of different combinations of vehicles going to war and it attempts to prove which one has more power, torque, and ability to grab traction.

From the idea has spiraled other ideas including the likes of everything from cars to lawn tractors going at this kind of competition with a vengeance. This time, we come across something else that is definitely different than a traditional tug-of-war.

Instead of cars, trucks, or anything that you can sit in and drive, this battle allows us to check out what happens when you take the concept of a tug-of-war to the world of remote control.

It definitely has to be an interesting process in putting together a machine to win at this kind of competition. Check out the video below to see how these ready and willing participants did it in constructing their competitors.