Real Fast Twin Turbo Dodge Viper - 8 Seconds @ 180mph

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The V10 powerplant that Dodge shoehorned into the low and lean Viper is a ridiculously potent engine, churning out nearly 650 HP in stock form, so when the massive 10 cylinder is your starting point for an insane twin turbo build, things can get downright ridiculous. This car is also a perfect example of going fast without going crazy as far as visual clues to the car’s potency.

Instead of slicks and skinnies and a nose-down stance to enhance weight transfer, this car looks very much like a stock Viper, and while nobody would look at a stock Viper and think it to be slow, they also aren’t going to expect it to rip off 8-second quarter mile ET’s. But this one does just that, and it does so almost effortlessly. The car doesn’t leave hard – and yes, there is certainly ET left on the table by not pushing the launch – it just hooks and books, laying down ET’s that many purpose-built drag cars would be in awe of.