Real Life "Iron Man" BREAKS His Own Jet-Suit Speed Record

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

While the rest of us are waiting around on flying cars, some of the more intrepid amongst us have decided to skip the car altogether and take to the skies in a more, shall we say, intimate way. Thirty-eight year old Brit Richard Browning has decided he’s not sitting around and waiting on things to come to him, electing instead to take the Iron Man approach to getting around and building a jet suit that, so far, has propelled him at speeds of 30 MPH.

Browning’s suit, which features a total of six gas-turbine engines, two strapped to his back and two at the end of each arm, giving him lift and control over the direction and altitude of the flight. The six engines give him a total of eight hundred horsepower on tap, and we have to imagine once he’s a little more comfortable in the suit and has a better understanding of it’s flight dynamics, Browning will be able to harness that power and accelerate well beyond the thirty miles-per-hour he reached in this test flight, which he was obviously taking his time and great care in completing.

Needless to say, the future we all envisioned as kids is truly starting take shape right before our very eyes, with several options for flying cars in the testing phase, ride-on drones and now functional jet suits. Hopefully all of these inventors stick see their visions through to the end and bring all of these projects to market soon enough for us to all get to enjoy them before we’re too old to join the flying fun! While there’s nothing in the pipeline quite like what we saw on the Jetsons or even Back to the Future, there are still some truly amazing inventions that have and will continue to shape the future of mankind.