Redemption 11 Big Tire Finals - The Probe vs Street Outlaws Daddy Dave

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/17/2021

In the world of no prep racing, there are tons of good matches to be had and sometimes, the cards fall just right to make sure that some of the biggest names in the business come up against one another. This time, we check out the action that has a couple of cars that we all know pretty well taking shots at one another to try and make their way through the finish line first. In one lane, we have Daddy Dave who has a track record that speaks for itself and in the other, the Bird Boyz bring out the Ford Probe that really has what it takes to make waves, even with the most intense of competition.

In this one, the two will be taking shots at one another, hoping that they can have that perfect pass to outdo the person in the next lane over. In a race like this, it’s not always about the fastest car but rather the fastest combination of car and driver that can make their way down the strip. The most interesting factor in a race like this is the traction that is most certainly not guaranteed. In fact, the lack thereof is more likely which makes it an even more enticing situation to lay your eyes on as the drivers fight to keep their cars straight!

Follow along in the footage down below from the guys over at Drag Addicts as both of these drivers push their way toward the finish in a race that actually ends up having its fair share of back and forth.

Normally, in a race like this, one driver will hop out front and stay there as they power through the finish but this time, that most certainly isn’t the case as these two battle it out.