Redneck Tough Truck Racing Gone Wild

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Among the events that go down off-road, the Redneck Tough Truck racing series might not be the highest powered or anything like that but we have to admit that it is probably among our most favorite to watch as guys take regular old vehicles out there and put them to the extreme.

Busted Knuckle Films lays out the action, saying that “ is one event that you have to see to believe. These drivers take their Jeeps, Samurais, and whatever else they can drag to the event and air them out on the mega truck track.”

These drivers really go head-to-head with this event with a no care mentality, hurling these everyday drivers off of the jumps with their feet mashed all the way into the throttle, guaranteeing that when they go up it’s going to be a monumental show!

Check out all of the best air and hard-hitting landings from this event down in the video below. Some of these jumps really look like they ended in a painful fashion. Even with that in mind, I know that I’m raring and ready to go try this out for myself!