Removing A Terrifyingly Massive Hornet's Nest From Inside A Car

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If there’s one thing in life that nobody really wants to deal with, it would probably be pest control, well, almost nobody. If you should let your project vehicle sit outside for a long period of time and be the victim of a little bit of rot, it might just find a way to become home to some unwelcome visitors. Now, the variety of these visitors might depend upon your particular situation, However, most the time, if they become invasive, it might be something that has to be dealt with accordingly. It’s definitely not going to be easy and odds are, you’re going to have to call a professional to get the job done.

This time, we check in with the scene of the action as a whole group of hornet would just decide they wanted to up and make their home inside of this vehicle as they created a pretty masive nest. As it turns out, the nest would grow to such a size that the owner of the car simply lost all at control and couldn’t do anything on their own accord so it was time to call up a professional to get the job handled.

Follow along in the video below that will give you a first-person perspective that shows you exactly what it’s like to extract a whole hoard of hornets that simply doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. It’s a lot more complicated than you think and here, it would appear as if they’re trying to do what’s best for nature along with getting rid of the invasion. After seeing something like this, I bet that there are a lot of people who are going to be a bit more careful the next time that they come into contact with an old vehicle like this. There’s no way that I would personally be caught dead anywhere in the vicinity of this occurrence!