Repo Man Rolls Up on Car Owner Who Tries to Break Out Window!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to sit down and talk to a repo man, I think that most of them would probably tell you about the same thing when it comes to occupational hazards that they face regularly on-the-job. Let’s just say that when somebody’s getting their vehicle taken away, whether they had it coming or not, common sense might take a back seat because it’s a pretty serious situation where you’re probably going to go into defense mode rather quickly. When somebody isn’t thinking rationally and instead, their emotions get tied into the mix, it can cause a pretty volatile situation to unfold.

This time, we tune into a repo as the individual with the car that’s being repossessed just so happens to be working on it and when the repo man sees his time to hop in there and take possession of the vehicle, he seized the moment, waiting for the car’s owner to go out of sight before going to grab the car. However, when the man comes back out to see that his car is being repossessed, it doesn’t necessarily look like he’s exactly happy with it. In addition, he takes that level of unhappiness and turns it to a physical confrontation as he starts banging on the window of the tow truck, trying to knock it out.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to watch the rolling camera as it showcases this incident to alert you to just how serious things can get on a repossession run. When you think about repossessing cars, you’d be inclined to believe that if somebody hasn’t paid their bill, they would understand that their car is going to get taken. However, to the contrary, people really seem to take it personally and act like a repo man is personally attacking them. This can’t be a fun place to be for either party as there are a lot of negative emotions being thrown around that can erupt at any moment.