Revolutionary Airplane Propeller in Action: Extreme Engineering

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Every industry that makes propulsion of some sort is constantly toying and tinkering with new ideas to try and be a little bit better at what it is that they do, constructing ways as to make for a more pleasurable or more efficient ride all the way around to save some time, money, or headache and if you’re lucky, maybe all three!

This time, we check out an airplane in the An-70, a craft described as “a medium and long range four-engine transport aircraft design in the 90s” that is fitted with none other than dual counter rotating propellers. This basically means that on each shaft sits a pair propellers, both of which, as the name entails, spin in opposite directions.

From a little bit of research and a limited knowledge on aircraft, we have gathered that technology like this is designed to balance out the torque on each side of the aircraft so that one side doesn’t overpower the other along with providing more efficient wind channeling around the aircraft for a better flight. Check out the video below that puts these obscure looking propellers to the test and tell us what you think of these bad boys.