Ride In-Car with Dean Marinis in his 588CI Big Block Single Stage of Nos Mustang!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

“Mean” Dean Marinis clearly earned his nickname for his on-track persona, because you’ll never meet a nicer guy off the track. However, when Marinis straps on his helmet and fires up his gorgeous orange X275 Mustang, the guy in the other lane knows he better bring his A game. Unfortunately for them, their A game often still comes up short of the numbers laid down by Mean Dean.

TheRacingVids caught up with Marinis at Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9 and installed a GoPro inside the car with him to catch a few passes from the driver’s point of view. You can see, despite being one of the winningest cars in X275 history, Marinis’ car maintains much of the stock interior, which makes the car’s insane performance all the more impressive.

The first pass in the video gives us a great look at what happens when Marinis gets a little too aggressive with the nitrous and the car drives into a power wheelstand on the super-sticky South Georgia Motorsports Park surface. Instead of panicking like many, Dean keeps his cool, pedals the throttle once to bring the nose back down, and then jumps back on the gas to keep the car from slamming back to earth too hard, and rides on out the back door like it’s nothing. That kind of quick thinking comes only from experience, and with countless passes under his belt, Marinis certainly has plenty of that.

The car stays earthbound for the rest of the passes in this clip, and puts up some stellar numbers, including a pair of passes deep in the 4.40 range, showing not only that the car is brutally quick but consistent as well, which is why Marinis is one of the most feared competitors in the class.

Hit that play button below and watch him go to work wheeling one of the most badass cars around!