Road Rage Goes Horribly Wrong In California... Ends In Funny Roll Over

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

*** Before you hit that play button, I want to warn you guys that the language in this video is pretty foul, so you’re definitely going to want to watch with the volume down or with headphones if you’re in a public place or if young kids or your mom is close by ***

Of all of the embarrassing ways to end a road rage incident, this has to be way up there as the most absurd, and assuming nobody was hurt, one of the funniest to watch. The commentary from the chick, who just happened to be in the absolute best place at the perfect moment, makes it even better as long as you can tolerate the language. Doesn’t bother us, but we know there are some out there who may take offense.

From what we are able to tell, just before this girl began recording, the driver of the convertible BMW had went around this SUV in traffic and cut him off. Something we’ve all seen plenty and maybe even a few of us have done ourselves in a moment of on-road anger. The driver of the Bimmer hops out and walks back to to the SUV, where the drivers exchange words, prompting the BMW driver to spit in the face of the other guy.

As you might imagine, this was not something the SUV’s driver took lightly, and he pulled out from behind the convertible as the other driver walked back to his car and got in. What happened next can only be described as a the quickest double-whammy of karma to ever take place, as the SUV driver slammed into the side of the Bimmer, exacting revenge for being spat upon. However, perhaps taking too big a withdrawal from the karma bank left him in a deficit, as the SUV clumsily tips up on its side, totters on the edge of balance, then rolls slowly over onto the drivers side.

I wish something like this would happen right in front of me like this so I can be the one to catch such a crazy sight on video, but until that day comes, I’ll just have to enjoy the tremendous luck of others like this girl, who caught it all in less than a minute!