Road Rage In Russia Is On An Entire New Level!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We all know very well by now just how… DIFFERENTLY, they do things in Russia. From that off-putting “just a little left in the front” haircut to the overabundance of matching Adidas tracksuits worn as high fashion, the place is just different.

As you might expect, the levels drivers are willing to take things when road rage kicks is on a totally different playing field as well. These guys pay no attention to the road markings – although to be fair, it really doesn’t look like anybody is – and end up in an aggressive game of “you first” that ultimately culminates with one driver slamming right into the back of the other’s SUV. I know this was no fun for either driver, though the one doing the ramming certainly lost all deniability in the incident when he literally hit the throttle and whacked the rear of the other racer in this incident.

However, the action doesn’t stop there, as the SUV’s obviously-livid driver jumped out of his ride right in the middle of the congestion and set about pounding on the window of the car doing the ramming. The other driver, possibly not prepared for retaliation, seems to want to part of continuing the interaction and keeps his window rolled up, leaving the other driver with nothing else to do but return to his dinged-up SUV.

I know here in the US, somebody would have called the cops by this point, but I’m not sure if that would even cross anybody’s mind in Russia, so we have no idea what happened after this! Hopefully cooler heads prevailed and everybody was able to go on about their way without any major bodily harm having been done, other than some possible fractures in the hand of the guy pounding on the window.