Road Rage Against Taxi Driver

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

We are not sure what caused this guy to get so angry at the Taxi driver but it seems that he is either drunk off his ass or he and the TAXI driver had a previous argument about something. Although it might be a mix of both. No sound in this dash cam video so we can’t hear what they are saying either.


Here in this video some punk starts a fight from what appears to be out of the blue with an innocent cab driver. He picked the wrong fit though. He gets thrown to the ground and beaten senselessly. All we can say about this video is that the TAXI driver whipped this dudes ass! Love how this little punk acts tough goes running after the cab, after he has to have a bystander come save his ass in a fight he started. Were you trying to chase him down and get another can of whoop ass for the night?