Rock Bouncing Puerto Rico (Part 1) - Rock Rods Episode 26

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The newest episode of Rock Rods has us on location in Puerto Rico, where we get a first hand look at some intense action with Jake Burkey and Travis Lovett as they promote the upcoming event!

They kick things off with a tour of Waldy’s Off Road, then drive some buggies through a shopping mall, get a live TV spot, then take some local celebrities for rides in their rigs! The local authorities aren’t exactly happy, but luckily everybody avoids jail time – although just barely – so no bail money was needed.

After that, all of the rigs and riders headed out to take in the sights of the beautiful island, before heading in to prepare for the event itself, where the action is focused on the rigs and a day packed with freestyle action!