ROWDY Blown Rolls Royce Goes For a Test Drive!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

While the world of racing is teeming with similar builds, it’s really refreshing to see something completely off the wall from time to time.

You know, we’re talking about something that makes you spit out whatever it is that you’re drinking and take a moment to appreciate the fact that this person’s one of a kind vision has become a reality.

With one look at this Rolls Royce, it takes no expert to tell that this isn’t something that you’re going to stumble across at just any race track.

Instead of the luxury clad high-end sedan that this bad boy was designed to be, the car has been completely gutted and remodeled to become something entirely different and we’re loving every last second of it!

Take a look at incredibly rowdy, race built Rolls Royce as it tears about in the countryside in the video below that completely goes against everything that you thought you knew about this seemingly untouchable luxury brand.