Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack Oregon Live Stream Day 2

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

In the US, when people think of drag racing as running all out down a 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile strip of. Our buddies at Shift S3ctor seek to challenge this basic limitation of 1/4 mile and double it to a half mile all out race to the finish.

The traditional drag racers are used to muscle cars on drag slicks, but at Shift S3ctor’s events, the exotics are the baddest out there. Our very own Josh Kalis runs his 1,300hp TT 1969 Camaro at the events. We’re big fans of Shift S3ctor’s events and that’s why we participate and sponsor each event! Check out their live stream of the Oregon event this weekend!