Ship Electrical System Fails, Sends it Through a Highway / Ship Yard Wall!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Have you ever been driving down a highway that is surrounded by a wall holding back massive amounts of liquid from the body of water next to it? Well, just imagine being on that trip, when all of a sudden, a massive ship comes slamming through the wall.That has to be a situation to completely scare the life out of you.

This time, someone flips on their camera when they see a ferry that appears to be approaching such a highway wall and this ferry isn’t exactly slowing down. Apparently, a widespread electrical issue onboard caused the ship to lose all control of its maneuverability, therefore sending it straight into the wall.

The ship did make its way through the wall, destroying it completely, but luckily, it doesn’t look like there was anyone on the other side to receive all of that debris that began to fall as the ship broke its way through. It also doesn’t look like the wall began to heavily leak and there were no injuries reported from the situation.

Check out the scene that unfolds from Puerto de La Luz in Las Palmas, Spain down in the video below. It most certainly had to be quite the terrifying scenario when the people onboard of the ship were in control and all of a sudden, lost all of that control in an instant, leaving them at the liberty of momentum.