Shop Tour with Stevie Jackson at KTR

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Steve “Stevie Fast” Jackson is easily one of the top personalities in all of drag racing. Ever since he first gained infamy for his undeniable gift of gab back a decade or so ago, he’s built an almost cult-like following of fans.

He may have chilled out ever so slightly on the smack talk – only ever so slightly though – but his fan base has continued to grow as he’s progressed through the ranks of the sport from a relative unknown in the Carolina Dragway grudge scene to one of the most popular drivers in one of the sport’s most popular classes, NHRA Pro Mod.

Ever since those early days, Stevie has called his operation “Killin Time Racing”, and even today, with a setup that’s likely worth several million dollars if you priced everything top to bottom, KTR has mophed into one of the most feared teams on the drag racing landscape, whether it be in grudge racing, Radial vs the World, or as a top-tier Pro Mod team.

This video offers us a glimpse inside that operation as Stevie himself takes us on a guided tour of the team’s headquarters, along with an up-close look at their new transporter. As you can see, the shop is large, but isn’t a massive compound like we’ve seen with nitro teams like DSR and John Force Racing. A shop like that would be overkill for this operation, but in my opinion, it also shows some restraint from the Bahrain 1 team, showing that they aren’t spending extravagantly just to make an impression, like other teams we’ve seen in the past.

There’s no need in wasting money on impressing people when all you have to do is work hard enough to win, and this team certainly knows about hard work. We get a full tour of the facility, including a look inside the engine assembly room, which is one of the key areas in the shop. Hit that play button and see if you don’t understand why Stevie and his team have such a huge following!