Should you Try the Dodge Demon as a Daily Driver?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you call yourself a car fan, these days are really exciting to be alive as companies have been cranking out some really impressive pieces as it looks like they’re looking to try different things and really push the envelope on exactly what comes off the production line. Probably the hottest car as of late is none other than the Dodge Demon, a hot rod that really packs a heavy punch as it’s really the only drag racing oriented vehicle to ever come off of an assembly line here in America, complete with an optional crate that helps you take this car even more to the track side of affairs.

How, though, with all of that horsepower, can a vehicle like this possibly manage to make its way down the street on a consistent regular basis? If you wanted to take this vehicle to and from work everyday on a long commute through the city, how exactly would it treat you? Lots cars and trucks that are making this kind of power certainly don’t quite put together too much of a great drivability reputation, so it really leaves you to wonder how exactly the Demon would react to somebody using it as a commuter car to drive every single day.

This time, it’s Donut Media that has gotten their hands on the Demon, putting their own comedic twist on one as they head inside and out with the car that has really stirred the pot recently. From what they seem to gather from the car as an first impression, putting yourself behind the wheel of this thing every day might not actually be all that bad of an idea. Who would’ve ever thought that we would’ve ever come across a production car that you could take to the job on a regular basis and also take to the track on the weekend to have a bona fide racing machine?