Show Truck Window Smashed by Police After Burnout

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it’s time to leave a car show, odds are that the organizers are going to want to have it done in a calm manner. With a lot of people roaming around in other vehicles, a hectic situation could lead to something dangerous. How serious something like this really is depends on the situation and who you ask.

Side note: don’t do a burnout unless you’re 100% sure it’s ok. Killing tires is fun but it can be the reason that a meet or show ends up getting shut down. Don’t be that guy or girl.

In this particular situation, all that we really have to go off of is a collection of Facebook videos and the commentary surrounding them. The details of this story have not been confirmed. However, the video footage that goes alongside the ordeal is rather shocking.

From what we have gathered, the individual in the lifted Chevrolet Silverado pictured here decided that he wanted to do a burnout upon leaving a car show. Some also alleged that the driver refused to leave after his burnout slung rocks at other vehicles.

When he proceeded to attempt to exit, it would appear as if the event staff would try to prevent this. They would do so by standing in front of the incredibly tall truck. It’s unclear if the driver failed to see the people because of how high the truck was or if he just kept on rolling regardless.

In either situation, the actions quickly drew the attention of the police on the premises. From there, the officers would attempt to get the attention of the driver. They wanted him to step out of the vehicle. After failing to do so, the officers would proceed to break open the driver’s side window from the ground before pulling the driver out.

After the fact, he would be handcuffed and taken away in a police car.

We have more questions than answers. It appears as if there were a whole collection of people unhappy with this driver, though.