Sinking a Mexican Navy Warship!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

As you may know, the depletion of ocean reefs around the globe has been an issue for the upkeep of the ecosystem as overfishing, pollution, and erosion have managed to take away what was once able to thrive.

In order to reverse this natural issue, steps are being taken to bring the usefulness of reefs back through the use of artificial techniques.

This time, we watch as retired Mexican Navy Warship, Uribe 121, is sunken in order to replace the reef that once existed on the now barren floor in Baja, California.

Captured from a variety of angles, we’re able to get in on what you would normally never be able to see as the GoPro cameras roll when the boat as it goes down and is able to be put to an all-new use as a sort of coming out of retirement.

Check out the video below that captures the entire sequence in motion to watch as the ship quickly drifts its way to the ocean floor.