Sinking Ship Simulation Puts Crews to the Test and is Too Stressful to Watch

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When we’re talking about dangerous situations that provide a pretty good deal of a chance for something to go wrong for whoever is left to deal with them, you can’t just give somebody the concepts and throw them into the fire, so to speak. Instead, situations need to be set up with these hazardous steps in mind where you can deal with the consequences, except in a way that won’t actually follow through with the consequence in question. For the life or death ordeal, being thrust into the action certainly isn’t the way that you want to go and I think that almost goes without saying.

With this demonstration, we get the unique opportunity to take a look at a sinking ship simulation as a crew is put inside of the chamber that’s able to rotate and houses all of the elements that you would encounter if you were on board of a sinking ship. The idea is to simulate the situation as much as possible as to to prepare this crew for the moment that this could actually happen so they can sharpen up their skills and be ready for the occurence to unfold as much as they can possibly be. Being able to react instead of thinking first in a situation like that could definitely prove to be a worthy endeavor to involve yourself in.

If you follow along with the clip below, you’ll be able to see not only a pod that fills up with water but also one that can be controlled in every last aspect from the lighting to the smoke and of course the water level.vGetting involved in a drill like this almost seems kind of terrifying but knowing that someone is in control the entire time is little bit reassuring, I suppose.

After seeing how this thing works, we have to ask if you would be willing to go inside with the proper training necessary to try nd handle a situation like this.