Sinkning a Decommissioned US Navy Ship! Direct Missile Hit!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

What better way to send a decommissioned Navy vessel off than by using it to test Navy firepower!

This footage, brought to us by Ultimate Military Channel, one of our favorite YouTube channels, shows the USS Ogden being struck, first by a submarine-fired Harpoon missile, then by a Naval Strike Missile. The strikes were part of a training exercise involving twenty-two nations and more than 40 vessels. The Harpoon was fired by a Korean sub, and the NSM came from a Norwegian Navy frigate.

The peacetime exercise, known as RIMPAC, is an annual training exercise that takes place in the waters around Hawaii, and is a unique opportunity for the participating nations to foster and maintain the relationships they need to operate on the world’s oceans without conflict. The ship was stripped of any hazardous material and, upon reaching the ocean floor below, started the process of becoming an artificial reef.